Supporting families with unexpected birth outcomes.

Bodhi Bags

The Dae Lou Foundation provides support to families with their journey through NICU with Bodhi Bags and support groups.

Bodhi Bags are insulated tote bags that help transport breast milk and snacks. They contain the necessary items for a mom for her time in the NICU .

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Our History

Dae Lou Foundation evolved from loss into a way to promote kindness and support families with unexpected birth outcomes. Bodhi Dae was born early and was in the NICU. She was a tiny preemie and was expected to grow big, she had a perfect litte 1lb 9 ounce body. Although she was here just 22 days, she left us with a great mission to support others in a similar position. She reminded us that even the tiniest footprint can make an huge impact.

The name “Dae Lou” comes from two sisters who lost two babies, Bodhi Dae and Derek Lou are our sweet angel babies. In honor of them, we give back, promote kindness and seek to support others in similar situations.

Dae Lou Foundation is a non profit that provides Bodhi Bags to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) moms and families who find themselves in an unexpected situation. Imagine; Suddenly you are in the hospital, your baby is in the NICU. Soon you are discharged, and your sweet new baby is staying in the hospital without you. Or you are leaving the hospital without this new baby whom you would love and treasure. Instead of the reward of a sweet babe, you are leaving empty handed, body wrecked and mind whirling. We help those in these and other situations with a bit of comfort and support.

Our Mission

With our non profit we seek to support those in these and other situations with a bit of comfort and support. An insulated tote is given to each family in the NICU by the nurses or social workers in the local hospitals. The bags are meant to help transport breast milk or snacks for the families as they trudge back and forth from home to hospital. Included are snacks, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, a journal and pen to jot down those notes and questions for doctors and nurses, a blanket and a little bit of hope. We want them to know they are supported and are not alone as they make their way through this challenging time.
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Support Our Work

Your support and contributions will enable us to support more families. All donated money goes directly to the mission.